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From the Ground Up Volume 1, Issue 2 Zine Packs are no longer available

Comes with Zine, Magnet & Sticker.

From the Ground Up is a Guelph-based zine with the goal of creating a platform for local artists and makers of all types to express their creativity and share their work. Zines are small-circulation self-published magazines, made known in the 1930s by science fiction “fanzines” – later shortened to zine. 

“From the Ground Up” to us means building a foundation, growing with each other, supporting one another, embracing the arts and how they are integral to our culture.

This zine takes many forms but the aim is to highlight the many talents of our community and all of the things that make Guelph what it is today. Visually, each zine is a work of art in itself. The zine format allows a great variety of segments to be included; from poetry, short stories and factoids to columns from local creators and guides to local happenings. With the abundance of creativity flowing in our city, this zine provides a monthly snapshot of Guelph and area arts.

All local creators are eligible and encouraged to submit their work. The zine committee will curate these pieces to make a cohesive and accessible zine that is released at the start of each month and available online and in print in limited quantities. As this is a collaborative work, contributors must be mindful that while we will never directly alter your work, we will take artistic liberties to fit the work into the theme of that month’s zine.

This is a volunteer based project led by GAIN Media. Any inquiries can be directed to:

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Magnet Colour

Currently available in Blue/Green, Orange/Yellow & Black/White.

Sticker Colour

Currently available in Purple/Red.

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