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Show Announcement!

Have you signed up to GAIN Access yet?! If not make sure you do for Early Show Announcements, Early Bird tickets and more!


A few items available on our site with more to come!

Way Back Wednesday!

In January 2017 the Music Weekends in Downtown Guelph series was launched and we hosted High Park & Ellevator (then going under their previous name) at the Red Brick Café (which was then still being renovated)! Pictured here is High Park! Can’t wait to get back to shows like this!

Cancer Bats!

If you’ve been patient and held on to your Cancer Bats ticket then you’ll be happy to know that we’re nearly ready to make some announcements regarding the show! You’ve gotta hit up our mailing list and subscribe here to GAIN Access!

Happy New Year!

Felt this picture from our 2019 Festival nicely summed up how the past few years have been for everyone, but for artists, musicians & creatives in particular. Most times it’s felt as though all we could do is sit, hold the mic, wait & wonder when it’ll be safe to get together to celebrate the […]